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The product NEP-Track is a web-based automatic vehicle tracking system which uses GPS with GSM/GPRS and GIS technologies to track your vehicle’s location, speed, direction, security and safety. NEP-Track alows you to monitor your drivers and vehicles with assurance and confidence. It acts as your Private Business Radar allowing you to track and trace your vehicle while sitting down at your desk.

NEP-Track is a total fleet management solution which helps reduce cost, improve performance, enhance utilization and productivity, ensure time management and increase customer’s satisfaction. Some of the basic features of NEP–Track are vehicle location tracking, speed reporting, SMS alerts, Geofencing, Real Time Fuel Consumption Monitoring, Remote demobilizing of vehicles, etc.

At Neptune, we provide fleet management services by way of performance reporting on weekly or monthly basis depending on your subscription preference. These unique services put us ahead in fleet tracking & recovery and make us your ideal partner.

How NEP-Track Works


NEP-Track works with a combination of GPS/GPRS and GSM signals. The signals are provided by the GPS satellites, which cover the entire world. The GPS transmitted signals are received by trackers installed in your vehicles, which calculate its exact position based on the information received from multiple satellites. The data is then passed using GSM/GPRS via the cell phone communication network to the central server which has a mapping software for further processing and collation.


Various reports and monitoring function included with NEP-Track provide you with an invaluable insight into various parametrics like total distance travelled, idling time, average speed, real time fuel consumption monitoring, etc. This alllows you to keep a check on your fuel costs, vehicle wear and tear.

NEP-Track Reporting


Detailed Trip Report

This report drills down into each and every journey that the vehicle has done within a chosen time period. Each journey will detail the start and finish destinations/time along with the journey duration and mileage.

It will allow you to view every time stamp that the unit updates at the time of the journey and will highlight location and the speed at the time of the location stamp.

Very useful for companies who require a data trail for deliveries/meeting customers as they can see where exactly the vehicle has been and at what time they arrived. This report can also highlight whether unnecessary journeys have been taken and is very useful if you are looking to optimize the routes of your vehicles.


Daily Statistics Report

This in-depth report builds upon the normal Vehicle Timesheet and goes into detail on the vehicle activities. The report gives the daily breakdown on the following: Driving time, Parking time, Mileage covered, Average speed, Alarm etc.


Driving Report

The report gives the daily breakdown on the following: Start and End Time, Driving time, Start and End Address, Start and End Mileage, Average and Max speed.


Working Hours Report

A major factor in reducing your fuel and fleet costs is to identify whether your vehicles are being used privately, most companies will supply the fuel for the vehicles and on occasions employees can take advantage of this and use company vehicles for private journeys when this is illegal practice.

Working hours report gives the following: Driving time, Parking time, Total Mileage,  Work Driving time, Mileage traveled, Non-work driving time, Non-work driving mileage. Etc.


Mileage Report

Keep an eye on our vehicles mileage through the tracking system rather than having to check the dashboard of the vehicle for updates.


Speeding Report

This report show the speed at which your vehicle is been driven every point in time


Parking Report

The report gives the daily breakdown on the following: Start and End Time, Parking time,Address.


The company has been working with leading security companies in Europe to deliver custom built tracking solutions. We have made significant strides in positioning ourselves as a market leader.


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